Lee Williams

Product management of the UK Xbox Accessories and Xbox 360 Console business

Milestone 1:

New Networks

Joined Microsoft as an intern Digital Marketing manager. Month/Year: July 2010

Key Experience/Benefit: “The key benefit I found as an intern was having the ability to build a network of people, from whom you could learn and take part in various stretch projects that extended beyond the core responsibilities of your role. From this I was able to learn a broad range of skills from business reporting, audience management, internal marketing and agency relations to name but a few. These helped me when back at university in terms of context setting of my course material, but also helped when applying for the graduate scheme.”

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Milestone 2:

Immediate Responsibility 

Joined Microsoft as a graduate – Xbox Product Marketing manager. Month/Year: September 2012

Key Experience/Benefit: “My manager entrusted me with the Xbox 360 business very shortly after joining Microsoft as a graduate – this was still several months before the Xbox One launched so the role came with a lot of responsibility and accountability, from revenue targets, retail units sold volumes, market share, forecasting and even supply chain management.”

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Milestone 3:

Rewarding Promotion

Promoted within the Xbox team. Month/Year: July 2014

Key Experience/Benefit: “I was fortunate to receive a Circle of Excellence employee award for my work on the Xbox 360 business and my manager increased my accountability to add the Xbox One Accessories business to my responsibilities on the Xbox 360 Platform. This meant that rather than focusing solely on my own business, I now worked in tandem with the Xbox One console manager, ensuring our plans were aligned, yet having influence to ensure I still hit the numbers and targets that I’m accountable for.”

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